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Goldleaf Farms Terms and Conditions of Sale
October 1, 2017
Prices are for the wholesale nursery/landscape trade only and are subject to change without notice. Proof of trade requires a current year copy of your business license. The most current dated price list supersedes any and all previous lists. All prices are F.O.B. (Pontotoc, MS or Ball Ground, GA). All orders will incur sales tax unless a tax-exempt number is provided to us in advance of pick up or delivery of trees.  Orders are also subject to availability.
All sales are on a cash basis unless credit has been prearranged. All new customer sales are C.O.D. and require a 25% deposit prior to digging/reserving trees. Approved accounts will also require a signed “Personal Guarantee” and are payable net 30 days from invoice date. Past due accounts will lose credit standing and are subject to a service charge of 1.5%/month (18%/year), plus cost of collection including attorney fees.
Upon receipt of a signed “Sales Order” from the buyer, Goldleaf Farms will schedule trees for harvest or reserve pre-dug trees for pick-up/delivery within 14 days from sales order date. Note: No trees will be reserved without a signed “Sales Order”A 25% deposit is required to reserve trees for future purchase/delivery past 14 days. Once harvested/reserved, any trees held past 30 days from date of sales order are subject to loss of deposit and forfeiture of their order unless prior arrangements are made. Dug trees will not be held past April 30th without prior approval and trees held past this date will incur additional maintenance cost. Cancellations must be received by us in writing prior to harvesting to avoid cancellation charges.  Cancellations and substitutions after an order is dug are subject to a charge equal to 25% of list price.
Accounts which are inactive for 1 year will lose credit status and become C.O.D. until updated credit application and personal guarantee are approved.
We take great pride in the trees we grow and will make every effort to insure that all trees are true to name and loaded carefully. Due to acts of God, watering restriction and various planting and environmental conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the life and productivity of any trees sold. We offer no warranty, expressed or implied. We will gladly correct any mistakes made by us that are addressed at point of sale or delivery, but in no case will the liability exceed the purchase price. Note: Trees purchased/invoiced as “BG = B Grade”, “CL = Clearance” or “DG = D Grade” are typically older stock trees and or have physical flaws which render them “BG, CL or DG”.  These trees are sold “As Is”.  Additionally, trees sold with notations can not be held for future pickup or delivery.
Delivery and shipping cost are at the expense and risk of the buyer. Goldleaf Farms can assist in the shipping process however Goldleaf Farms can not assume responsibility for delivery or care taken during transport. Buyer is responsible for payment of freight charges to the driver upon delivery of trees unless prior arrangements have been made. Time is of the essence in unloading the trees and providing proper care to minimize shock or loss. (2) hours are allocated for unloading trucks. Buyer will incur additional cost for time over (2) hours, cost range from $50-100 per hour depending on freight company’s policy.
All claims must be made at point of sale or delivery and followed by written communication within (5) five days.
Our trees are grown utilizing drip irrigation along with the best nursery practices available. Trees are dug with tree spades, placed in burlap-lined wire baskets and secured with strapping to minimize rootball movement and to aid in handling. Some rootball movement is prevalent in certain tree varieties (i.e. Deodar Cedar) and careful handling of these trees should be taken during unloading and planting.

Normal business hours for our customers are Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm (pending weather conditions). Goldleaf Farms is a 280 acre operation with farm locations in Georgia and Mississippi. We encourage you to visit us often however we ask that you call first to schedule a time for us to assist you during your visit. Thank you and we appreciate your business! 


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Georgia Farm Sales Mississippi Farm
(70 acres) (210 acres)

1845 Lower Creighton Rd.
Ball Ground, GA 30107

4070 Hwy. 342
Pontotoc, MS 38863


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