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Delivery Options

FREIGHT IS C.O.D. and taxable per client's tax status.


25' Gooseneck Trailer and Dodge 1 ton Dually

$500 minimum purchase

Miles Cost
0 - 50 $150
51 -100 $250
101 - 150 $350
151+ (call for current quote)


Note: 12,800 lbs. max. payload for gooseneck



42' Trailer and Freightliner

$2,500 minimum purchase

Miles Cost
0 - 150 $450


48' Trailer and Freightliner

$2,500 minimum purchase

Miles Cost
0 - 150 $550

Over 150 for quote - however min. is either $450 for 42'/Freightliner or $550 for 48'/Freightliner. 

Georgia Farm Sales Mississippi Farm
(70 acres) (210 acres)

1845 Lower Creighton Rd.
Ball Ground, GA 30107

4070 Hwy. 342
Pontotoc, MS 38863


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